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Simplifying AI Integration for Fintechs

Product-as-a-service solution empowers FinTech CTOs with AI capabilities without having the domain knowledge

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Use Cases

Most common AI use cases in finance realted companies.
Fintech use case AI

For FinTechs

Regulation monitoring from regulatory portals for 27 EU countries
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AI in small banks

For Small Banks

Regulation and compliance monitoring and credit risk scoring
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AI in trading companies

For Stock Traders

Financial news and trade report analytics for mid-long term decisions
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Financial News Analytics
Financial News Analytics

Clients from 5 different countries trust us.

Now, it is much easier to use most powerfull ML models. Without any code knowledge, unlock the power of AI. Prepare your data, get analytical results and use them in a ML models in minutes
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Senih Mete Dal
Founder, Finfree
"As someone who is not very tech-savvy, I was initially hesitant to try a platform like this. However, I found it very easy to use, with an intuitive interface that made it simple to create and deploy machine learning models without any coding."
Roy Padgett
Omega Capital Advisors LLC in Charlotte, NC
"This is the only data cleansing app I am using and it continues to get better. Every question I have emailed the founder has been answered timely"
"If you want to save time and reduce errors while working with data, Sweephy is the app for you."


Integrate your data source with Sweephy SaaS.
Custom Requests?

Specialized Developments

You don't know how to manage your data and get business value from it? No worries, we are covering this area, too. Our team will give you the support.
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Specialized data management support: Our team will handle your data management. We can manage your data platform properly - $500/ Monthly Starting Price

Custom ML Models to Business Values: If you don't know what to do with your data, we can give support and create an interface go get maximum value from your data.
Setup free + monthly server costs

Raw Data to Business Value: We are going to create a proper data warehouse and proper data management platform. With an interface, it will be that easy to get business value from it.

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