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Regulation Monitoring with AI

Stay ahead with instant notifications for upcoming regulations, mitigate the risks of non-compliance and avoid potential fines

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Use Cases

Most common AI use cases in finance related companies
Fintech use case AI

For FinTechs

Regulation monitoring from regulatory portals for 27 EU countries
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AI in small banks

For Small Banks

Regulation and compliance monitoring and credit risk scoring
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AI in trading companies

For Stock Traders

Financial regulation and trade report analytics for mid-long term decisions
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Streamline Compliance with Regulatory AI 

Simplify compliance management. Integrate directly with regulatory data sources and streamline how you monitor and adapt to changes, all through one platform.
News & Blogs: Access real-time updates and insights from multiple types of publications.
Regulatory Portals: Direct integration with regulatory databases to fetch the latest compliance requirements.
Sweephy API: Use our API to bring regulatory data directly into your internal systems.

Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance

Streamline compliance across multiple regions with our specialized tools. Navigate complex regulatory environments with ease.
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Region-Specific Compliance
Automated Data Collection
Custom Notifications
Instant Red Flag Alerts
Regtech LLM Powered Analysis
Regulatory Crawling

Clients from 5 different countries trust us

Our platform enables you to quickly decipher complex regulatory updates and implement necessary changes, ensuring compliance and safeguarding your operations.
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Senih Mete Dal
Founder, Finfree
"As someone who is not very tech-savvy, I was initially hesitant to try a platform like this. However, I found it very easy to use, with an intuitive interface that made it simple."
Roy Padgett
Omega Capital Advisors LLC in Charlotte, NC
"I am using and it continues to get better. Every question I have emailed the founder has been answered timely."
"If you want to save time and reduce errors while working with data, Sweephy is the app for you."
Custom Requests?

Specialized Developments

Not sure how to align your operations with complex regulatory requirements? No worries! Our team specializes in custom solutions to enhance compliance and operational efficiency.
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Regulatory Compliance Monitoring: Our advanced platform continuously scans for changes in regulations across Europe, Turkey, and the UK, ensuring you stay compliant.

Custom Compliance Solutions: Don't just meet the minimum standards—excel with our tailored compliance solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business processes. Setup included; ongoing support based on monthly service rates.

Data-Driven Compliance Insights: Turn raw regulatory data into actionable business insights. We set up and manage the infrastructure to mine, analyze, and report the compliance data relevant to your business needs.

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