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raw data to business value

Text Classification

Just give your data and keywords that you are checking for. Our model can create a report based on keywords.

text classification

Keyword Based Classification

It doesn't just check the words in the text, our model is classifying semanticly and grammaticly.

text classification

Matching Similar Records

Just a simple integration, no need to create a model from the beginning.

data normalization and matching similar records

Identity Resolution

Let us to find similar or same records in your database. Create Unified user database from different data sources with Sweephy Dedupu API.

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Clustering Data

With bulk clustering API;
1- Match customers based on their behaviours
2- Find similar patterns on customers, products or any kind of data
3- See similar records on your dataset

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Object Detection

With Sweephy API, easily create object detection models by finetuning pretrained models. Just send us some use cases, we will create an appropriate models for you. Such as classifying documents, pdfs, receipts or inovices.

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object detection

Image Denoising

Just upload the image dataset. Our model will clean the noise on the image easily or we can create a finetuned model for your business case.

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Image Denoising

Question answering over text data!

Imagine you have bunch of documents, pdfs and contracts. With Sweephy API integration, it is easy to find your answers from these data sources.

Upload Data

Just upload a text data and prepare question sets.

Ask Questions

Our model will response your questions semantically.

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Question Answering
Entity Recognition

Entity Recognition

Image that you want to find personal informations from a hundred pages of document. No need to read all of them,just let our model to handle it. Find personal informations, entities. Anonymize them if you want.

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