A smart solution for all your data cleaning processes

No-code generalized data cleaning and preparing  as a Service.


Eliminating duplicate and repeated unnecessary records

Anomaly Detection

Detection of rare values which raise suspicions by differing significantly from the majority of your data

Spell Correction

Fixing grammatical problems, an awkward construction, or a mistaken identifier on your datasets

Custom Models

Develop your own model without
code knowledge


Automaticly label your data without
any code knowledge

Blind Denoising & AutoLabeling

Without any code knowledge, easy find noises on images and clean them.

Find Empty Places on Images

Easly label your data and find empty places.

Clear Noise

Get rid of all noises on images and increase accuracy rates.

Label Data & Create your own Model

Select desired model, upload your data and start cleaning.
feature 4

Without Code Knowledge

Clean our data without any code knowledge and train your own models via Sweephy!
No more juggling between 8 different tools & libraries.
Upload data, clean it and select desired model.
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feature 5

Integrate with the best pre-trained models

OR don't waste time switching between models and libraries. Just select most reliable model, upload your data and train your own model
Image classification models to classify your own data
Zero-shot predictions both structured and unstructured data
Sentiment Analysis let you control who gave positive/negative feedback.
Label your data like a game. It is not boring anymore!
feature 6

An all-in-one data cleaning and model training platform

Build strong models to clean your data and create your own trained models with selected features.
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Save and clean your data
Train your own models
Bring in external data automations.
Save time and workpower
Understand your customer, clients - your data.
No coding required

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