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MySQL Integration


We integrated Sweephy with MySQL. You will be able to get your data from MySQL server.

Get Started

We start to use the integration,

  1. Create a Sweephy account
  2. Create a Workspace
  3. Click MySQL Integration button and login with your MySQL server information.
  4. Select basic cleaning features that you would like to apply. If you want, you can skip this step directly.
  5. Normalize and manipulate your data.
  6. Get analytical results by going to ML Modules tab.

We are adding documentation with images. Please follow the images.

1- Create a Sweephy Account

Create a Sweephy Account

2- Create a Workspace

Create Workspace

3- Integrate with MySQL

MySQL Integration

4- Select Schema and Table

Select Schema and Table

5- Select Basic Cleaning Features(You can skip this step directly)

Select Basic features

6- Normalize and Manipulate the Data

Normalize and Manipulate the data
Save Operations and Recipes

7- Get Analytical Results

Question answer and feedbacks

We are looking for supportive feedback to,

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Understand your needs.
  • Add new features

Let us know if you need anything: or +4917632206769

Free On-boarding Session

If you couldn't understand the documentation, please pick a time for a free on-boarding and setup session - Calendly Link


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