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sweephy v4

Hubspot Integration v4.3
We added Hubspot integration for contact lists. You will be able to get the data from Hubspot and manipulate, clean it and analyze. Just read permission will be enough
Generalized Data Analytics and Interpretation
1️⃣ Fully no code
2️⃣ Integrated with databases, HubSpot, Zendesk, and more...
3️⃣ It can interpret the chart! 🧠
OpenAI and Google(tapas) model supportedWith zero code knowledge, even without some data analytics domain knowledge, understand the data.
Data Integrity by Columns and SQL Query Option
By selecting primary ID such as customer id or product id, you will be able to merge different database tables.

Generalized Data Analytics and Interpretation

Hubspot Integration

sweephy v3

SQL Database Integrations v3.3
We added SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQLserver integrations.Use the form below to update your profile.This is some text inside of a div block.
Zendesk Integration v3.2
We added Zendesk Tickets integration. Users can download theapplication from Zendesk marketplace and analyze ticket data.Use the form belowto update your profile.This is some text inside of a div block.
OpenAI ChatGPT Integration
We added the process of manipulating the data by simplyentering plain text. We can send the query response from OpenAI in thebackground to the backend and manipulate the data. In the following stages, wewill also add editing of the SQL received by ChatGPT.Use the form below toupdate your profile.This is some text inside of a div block.

OpenAI ChatGPT Integration Showcase

Zendesk Integration

sweephy v2

Data Normalization v2.3
With the data normalization process, all normalization operations can be performed. It can be used to deduplicate different values in the data and deduplicate the format.
Text Classification v2.2
Keyword based classificate operations can be done with text classification. For example, sentiment analysis or zero-shot classifiation operations can be performed.
Google Sheet Integration v2.1
Now there is no need to export from google drive and upload to Sweepy. You can easily leave the google sheet link and import the data.

sweephy v1

Deduplication and Mathing Similar Records v1.3
In addition to finding the same value, close values can also be detected. It is supported by models that match semantically in the background.
Merge Different Type of Data v1.2
You can upload and merge CSV and Excel files at the same time. The new feature in Roadmap is column-based matching. With the new release, xml, json and txt loading will also come.
General Excel Features
Most of the features found in Excel are also available here. For example, all operations such as filtering, column editing, hiding are also available here.

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