Raw Data to Business Value

Don't know what to do with the data? Let us clean it and take a business value from it. Only no code data cleaning and preparing  as a Service.

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No-code data cleaning modules
Use cases

Empower Data-Driven Decisions

Make better use of your data and driving informed business outcomes. Sweephy have been used by a wide range of organizations to improve the quality and accuracy of their data
data matching

Data matching

Matching same users from different platforms Data integrity and matching.
text classification

Classify text data

Such as user reviews, tickets, comments and form responses.
data normalization

Normalize and manipulate

Updating data effortlessly like format differences.
image processing

Image processing

Finding duplicate and anomaly images
from dataset and easy object detection.
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data cleaning use cases

Live Data Normalization Feature
Let's try!

Data normalization platform is a tool that helps users transform their data into a
more consistent and standardized format. This is just one of our features.
Don't forget to check our all features!

What we have earned in our journey so far?

Research based models: So far, we have reviewed over 500 articles and developed all our models with the latest technologies and solutions.

We're a research team in data science. We are here to extract solutions that have not been done before.
Save time
Row data cleaned
Faster then traditional methods
Structured datasets

Quickly clean your data without the code.

Step 1

Upload Data or Connect Databases

From your local files or your database schemas.
Highly Secure Databases: Upload your data and we will do job.
Connect Database: Only read permission will be taken.
features two
Step 2

Select Features Which Would Like to Apply

Only selected features will be applied
Data cleaning models: Features will be applied from already developed models.
In order: Features will be applied in an order.
Step 3

Applying Selected Models

With strong hardware, we can apply models easily
Fast results & Previews: Preview your results and see which features are applying.
Secure Connections: Preview your results and see
feature 3
Step 4

See the Results Cleaned Data

Download data or upload your connected database with a permission
No more juggling different tools.
No-code cleaned results with high accuracy rates

No-code data cleaning.

Both on structured and image(unstructured) datasets.
Eliminating duplicate and repeated unnecessary records.
Spell Correction
Fixing grammatical problems, an awkward construction, or a mistaken identifier on your datasets.
Anomaly Detection
Detection of rare values which raise suspicions by differing significantly from the majority of your data.
Denoising Images
Finding noises on images and fixing them without any model development.
Data Validation
Not only the cleaning and editing process, checking the consistency of your data for you.
Data Imputation
Replacing missing data with appropriate values using Deep Learning and Neural Network Techniques.

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How do I get started with Sweephy?

Everyone has unique needs for their datasets, so there’s one way to know if Sweephy is right for you: try it!

We offer a free 14-day trial so you can explore our platform, test our algorithms and see the accuracy rates, and results.

Which integrations do we have?

You can upload excel, csv, google sheets or image data to clean and get insights from it. Right now, we are working on zendeks, hubspot, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB Integartions.

How can I connect a database?

You just need to enter your read only database schema/table credentials.

How do you store our data?

Every user have their own database cluster and only the user can reach the data. Don't forget to check our privacy policy.

Do you have on-premise setup?

Yes, we have. Just give us an internal server or virtual machine. We will deploy our models to there.

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